LOOPHOLES OF GRACE      Romans 5:17-21

June 4 2017

W.C. Fields caught reading the Bible replied, "Just looking for loopholes."  God's law is straight and narrow.  It knows no deviation, no mercy.  God's grace however is filled with loopholes.  Grace is offered to all but it's only effective if received.  In these verses the Apostle Paul saw the potential of loopholes of grace or grace abuse.  Grace promises to always overcome any sin.

Loophole #1


1.  DEATH   Should we go on sinning like we did before we were saved knowing that God's grace will overcome it? Paul denounces this as perverted thinking. We died to sin:  why would we want any longer to live in it? No Christian resurrected to a new life should be yearning for the grave.  Sin has the stench of death about it Why desire? And do not let sin have free reign in your life.

2.  SLAVERY    

Before we were saved we were slaves to sin to do whatever it desired of us. But God's grace freed us from that slavery to become voluntary servants of righteousness. It is to be noted that the pursuit of freedom often turns into bondage. In modern life, those things that teenagers do in attempt to express their freedom - tobacco, alcohol, drugs, immorality and pornography - become their relentless masters through adulthood. We all fall back into the bondage of sin from time to time.  But how do we feel when we are there? Is it fulfilling?  Do we desire to remain there? 

3.  MARRIAGE    

The Bible has often presented God as a faithful husband pursuing a inconsistent bride.  The Church is described as the bride of Christ and He being the bridegroom. The intensity of feeling we have for one person we choose to spend our life with mirrors the passion God feels for us, and He wants this passion returned by us.  "I love you."  "I love you, too." Perhaps the question is not "why be good?"  but rather "why love." God expects his children to be true to Him just as He is to us. 


Image the following scenario on a couple's wedding night. Imagine the groom looking into the eyes of his new bride and saying:

" Honey, I love you so much and I'm eager to spend my life with you.  But I need to work out a few details.  Now that we are married, how involved can I get with other women?  Can I sleep with them?  Kiss them?  You don't mind a few affairs now and then, do you?  I know it might hurt you, but just think of how many opportunities you'll have to forgive me after I betray you."  You might say, "God forbid!"  But that is exactly what Paul said about our covenant relationship with the Lord.

I do good works for my wife not to earn credit, but to express my love for her.