We want to give you an idea of what to expect when you come.


We take your kids safety very seriously by having a teacher and an assistant teacher in every classroom. The doors remain open and you're encouraged to visit your kids' class anytime during your visit to Fairmont Baptist Church. Classes are fun and have a snack, Bible lessons, and a craft. Biblical stories and the practical application of God's Word is what we focus in this Kids Ministry


Our church auditorium has two large sections of large, cushioned chairs. Please sit wherever you want but the best seats are always toward the front.

A normal Sunday service lasts 60-70 minutes and goes like this: Welcome | A Song | Opening Prayer |More Songs | Praise and Prayer Request Time | Sermon | Invitation | Tithes and Offerings | Announcements | Dismissal Song

Guests are never asked to participate in the tithes and offering time. 


Some of the world's most friendly people are at the door welcoming and greeting everyone at the front doors. If they don’t know the answer to your question, they can find your answer . There is always a chance to speak with Pastor Chet after each church service.


If you’ve been to a few different churches, you know that musical styles can be quite different. Our Music ministry is led by a song leader and the music is mostly audience-participated. The songs are traditional hymns and some praise choruses. You'll find a hymn book under one of the chairs in front of you and encourage you to sing unto Jesus Christ with all your heart. 


There is not a dress code at Fairmont Baptist Church for members or guests. Our pastor and many of our church family dress in more traditional “Sunday” dress; however, a specific attire is not required, and our members wear a variety of clothing styles.


Parking is easy. We have a paved parking lot and leave open spaces toward the church's entrance for our guests. 

Handicapped parking spots are marked. 


On Wednesday nights at 7:00, we meet in the church fellowship hall (the basement's main room). This time is informal with time to share how God has Answered your prayers, share Requests you want others to pray about, and a deeply practical Bible study lesson.


Pastor Chet has a clear, teaching style and will show what exactly God is wanting us to learn from the Bible passage. 

He spends most of the year preaching through a particular set of Bible verses with occasional breaks for topical series.

Expect our sermons to last roughly 40 minutes. Listen to recent messages inside the Sermon Archive page.


Knowing about a church on their website or even attending a church service are good ways to know about a church. Although, the best way is to know is to get to know the real church--the people.

TWO ways to CONNECT at Fairmont Baptist Church are:

1) become part of the adult Sunday School class which meets every Sunday at 10: 45 am and

2) find the next Friday Fellowship this month (involves a dinner with the Men and Women ministry groups and lots of fun on the last Friday of every month).    


What we believe is very important and we want you to know about these statements which are supported by the authority of God's Word not our own thoughts. Read our Beliefs page and if you have more questions email us..


You will notice that we pass offering plates at Fairmont Baptist. Maybe you wonder why. We’re working together to share the Gospel and share the love Jesus Christ has for others. We encourage those who call Fairmont Baptist their church home to give regularly, sacrificially and joyfully.

A portion of the money collected throughout the month is given to each of the Missions we support.